FM ve CREM trendleri çok hızlı değişim göstermekte. FREM optimizasyonu yolu ile işinizi daha iyi yaparak ileriye götürme olanağını verecek beceriler kazanacağınız bu konferansa mutlaka katılmalısınız.Organizasyonunuz aşağıdaki oturumlarla  işinizde etkinliğinizi geliştirecek: FREM Vizyon ve Stratejisi, Gayri Menkul Sektöründeki  Operasyonlar ve Meydan Okumalar, Tesis Yönetiminin Gayri Menkule Değer Katması ile İlgili Çeşitli Saha Deneyimleri, Sürdürülebilir Enerji Devrimi ve FREM, Tesislere Değer Katan İnovatif  Teknolojiler ve Teknoloji Yönetimleri, Teknik ve İdari Boyutları ile FREM. Indir program broşürü.


The Turkish real estate market is an emerging industry. With many real estate (RE) projects it is essential to foresee inefficient decision-making in regards to building properties. From out the perspective of Facility Management (FM) many items in real estate business can be improved or further developed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of real estate related activities. FM as the interdisciplinary profession which synergizes various disciplines to obtain the maximum functionally of a building. FM oversees, coordinates, and secures all operational assets of an organization. In addition FM aims to perform all services in the most cost-effective manner. A building design needs to be well-equipped with the operational requirements of an organization whereby FM can be an integrated factor. A proper design of a building can be created with the help of FM as all kind of operational requirements (of for instance an organization) need to be implemented in the right manner. This makes FM the integrated aspect for the coordination of engineering, construction and design within a building.

Which business models may be obtained from the FM perspective and implemented in real estate and may locally be adapted in Turkey? The following 7. pointers below will illustrate short business models that exhibit show FM is able to support a new dimension of how real estate is approached in Turkey:

1.    Real Estate portfolio – quality improvement in buildings
The RE portfolio contains all types of RE (land, residence, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, sports accommodations). Given the amount that organizations invest in physical assets, it is of essence to have the most optimum building, be it an all-inclusive building, which needs to be able to also contribute towards the increase of productivity. Companies must satisfy customers to remain competitive. Attracting and retaining qualified employees is a top priority for some organizations. Therefore the physical environment can help organizations achieve company goals. These improvements can be found from not only the employee side, but also the customer’s side in terms of tourism (hotel management) and health facilities (where support services are embedded, leading to FM who can complete this requirement). Adding FM knowledge to improve the real estate conditions can increase the value of the real estate portfolio and offer better trade conditions.

2.    Public Private Partnerships – real estate conditions
A public private partnership (PPP) is a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies. In Turkey there are numerous examples of PPP projects (with the goal of being sustainable) that are being planned because they will contribute to the socio economic development goals of the government as a whole. These include transportation, power, and healthcare projects, which, if successful and economically feasible, should beyond doubt provide socio-economic outcomes that will contribute to sustainable development. FM qualifications in the PPP construction will lead to new innovative avenues and cost savings (e.g. waste costs). These qualifications brought in to the bidding will also bring new measurements to be taken in consideration which will be of influence to the whole real estate market.

3.    Recruitment / new job description
Enabling the collaboration with FM and RE creates a new job title of which recruitment agencies will have a head hunter looking for that specific expertise which is the knowledge of both FM and RE. This can therefore be applied in new building projects. A new job description makes a change regarding  expertise requirements and therefore influences the whole work field of real estate.

4.    Reducing of operational costs in a building
Most RE represents substantial investment for organizations and has to accommodate and support a range of activities. Within those activities it is the owner or tenant organization’s core business, for which an appropriate environment must be created in buildings that may not have been designed for the purposes for which they afterwards are used. However, no matter how well focused an organization might be on its core business, it must not lose sight of the supporting services – its non-core business (support services). FM places the non-core business as a priority of the core business whereby it aims to protect an organization’s capital investment in real estate and helps turn a cost item into one of added value. FM knowledge herewith helps costs savings in regards to the exploiting of the building.

5.    Matching business and properties
FM can create the optimal environment for the building primary functions, taking an integrated view of the business infrastructure and using this to deliver customer satisfaction and best value through support for and enhancement of the core business. FM will cater to enable changes in the use of space in the future, make assets highly cost effective and enhance the organization’s culture and image.FM specialism herewith helps increase the quality of the building.

6.    Development real estate in Turkey
One of the most important aims of real estate in Turkey is to attract more international visitors -to increase tourism in Turkey. By means of investing more in hotels, sport centers, airports, office buildings and also in health facilities. Healthcare expenses have been increasing for years. Healthcare facilities has for instance become fully responsible for the return on real estate investments. In volving FM with the mentioned facilities above makes organisations more aware of the consequences of decisions concerning the real estate conditions and how building design affects a (human health) tenants and well-being.

7.    The Real Estate manager enriches its image by means of the FM adoption in its processes
The FM adoption by real estate brings forth more knowledge in implementing both infrastructural and technical aspects of FM. The technical services are as follows heating, HAVC, airco-technical, sanitary installations,electro-technical installations, CAFM system building installations, security systems, energy systems. The infrastructural services are hereby, space management, post/courier services, catering/cleaning and concierge/reception services. A whole range of new services can be adapted by real estate companies to support their business.